Asbestos Removal


Until the late 1980s, Asbestos was a common material used in many Australian residential, commercial and industrial buildings. In fact, it was used in most buildings dating between the 1940s and 1980s.

Today, we know that Asbestos dust is a carcinogen that can have devastating, life-altering effects when inhaled.  This dust is released when fibres of asbestos are broken up and disturbed.

Buildings that have asbestos need to have the asbestos delicately removed prior to the demolition commencing, then taken to an EPA-approved facility. This requires an operator with the requisite licence—one that we have.

Accordingly, we can safely remove, transport and dispose of any asbestos that your building may have. In performing this work, we follow the absolute highest standards and all applicable regulations. We also attend to all required legal notifications that may apply to your demolition project.

We are able to remove all forms of non-friable asbestos
  • Eaves: numerous buildings in Adelaide were built with asbestos eave linings. These are easily removed however, and can be replaced with safer alternatives.
  • Cladding: many verandahs, lean-tos and outbuildings feature asbestos sheeting. Fortunately, these can often be removed without structural damage and can be replaced with safer alternatives.
  • Roofing: some corrugated panels or shingles have been known to contain asbestos. In most cases, these can be removed and replaced with safer alternatives without structural impact.
  • Fencing: in the early years, Deep 6 (large corrugations) corrugated fence panels or sheeting often contained asbestos. Thankfully, it’s an easily-identified product and one that’s also easy to replace.
  • Ground Remediation: historically, some buildings that had asbestos removed had it buried in the ground on the same land. We can remove this so your land is safe to use.

With years of experience dealing with asbestos in properties throughout Adelaide, we can help you ensure you demolition project runs safely and smoothly.