House Demolition

Our experienced team are leaders in residential demolition projects. From start to finish, we can manage every aspect of your important project—and leave your land cleared, level and ready for the next stage of your development. We can also arrange for relevant council approvals, including for demolition, abolishment of services, and removal of hardware and meters.

  • No Obligation Quotes: we get it—you’re not always ready to start a project straight away. To remove any stress, we offer no obligation quotes so you’re under no pressure to proceed until you’re ready to.
  • Free Site Visit: by visiting your site, we get a clearer picture of the work that will be required. This allows us to finesse your quote and ensure it is as accurate and comprehensive as possible.
  • Council Approvals: we can provide guidance as to the required paperwork, or even complete the full demolition application on your behalf—including liaising with council until approval is received.
  • Abolishments: prior to demolition commencing, the gas, electricity and NBN lines and meters for services to your property will need to be removed. Our team can guide you through this process or act on your behalf liaising with the relevant third parties until the work is completed.
  • Partial Demolition: whether it’s a new kitchen or bathroom, or even an addition out back, we can help with a range of partial demolition services. We have police clearances and can safely remove parts of your property so you can move forward with your renovation ideas.